The Importance of Quality Fuel


Niall Nerney gives some good advice concerning the importance of using quality fuel in your fire or stove.

Wet timber and wet turf results in poor heat efficiency and can over time cause a fire risk in your home.

Many customers visiting our showroom explain to us that they are unhappy with the heat output from their fire.

We find that this is mainly due to poor quality fuel, namely damp timber or damp turf. If you use good quality fuel in your fire, you will have a hot fire, a clean fire and a clean chimney.

The negative effects of bad quality wet timber and wet turf are it builds up a tar and creosote in your stove and chimney and it is unsafe, it’s not efficient and it’s very dirty looking.

Longford Fireplaces supply good quality kiln dried timber, eco briquettes and quality anthracites for stoves and open fires.